Troubleshooting Wyze Error Code 90: A Complete Guide

Wyze Error Code 90
Wyze Error Code 90

Feel accessible if you’ve run into the annoying Wyze Error Code 90—the inability to keep an eye on your premises in case of a camera malfunction. You can, however, quickly fix this problem and get your cameras back on track with just a few easy actions and some sound advice.

Power Cycle Your Wyze Camera

Restarting your Wyze camera’s power supply is a common first step in fixing the Wyze error code 90. The camera has to be turned off and on again. If a momentary glitch causes the problem, cycling the power supply may fix it.

Check Your Internet Connection and Firmware Version

Wyze cameras require a constant and reliable internet connection to operate correctly. Always use a secure 2.4 GHz band network to connect your camera. Also, be sure your camera’s firmware is up-to-date and that you’re running the most recent version of the Wyze app. Code 90 and other problems can be caused by using outdated firmware.

Perform a Single Press Reset

A simple click of the reset button might solve flashing LED lights or offline problems with your camera. The camera’s body is often where you’ll find this button. A single push is all needed; keeping it down might cause a complete reset to factory settings.

Update Firmware and Check the Power Source

Regularly updating your Wyze camera’s firmware is essential if you want to get the most out of it. In the Wyze app’s settings, look for an option to check for updates. A reliable power source is also essential for your camera. Code 90 is one of several faults that might occur due to power fluctuations or outages.

Wyze Support and Troubleshooting

If you’ve tried these and the issue persists, you may need to contact Wyze for more assistance. They have an exceptional staff to assist with problems like this. Ensure you have your camera’s model, firmware version, and a thorough explanation of the issue before contacting assistance.


However, if you take the appropriate steps, you can have your cameras up and running again in no time at all after encountering Wyze Error Code 90. Power cycling your Wyze camera, maintaining a constant internet connection, resetting it with a single button push, and using the most recent firmware version should all help you eliminate the issue. If everything else fails, Wyze’s support team is there to help you figure out what’s wrong and restore service to your camera.

By incorporating these measures into your troubleshooting routine, you can wave goodbye to Code 90 and get back to enjoying your Wyze cameras without interruption.

With this knowledge, you can fix the Wyze Error Code 90 and have your cameras working usually again. Have fun keeping tabs!

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