Supreme Values MM2 List: A Comprehensive Guide

Supreme Values
Supreme Values

Supreme values – One of the initial challenges in a game of Murder Mystery is determining where the two murder weapons are hidden. A series of rooms must be searched for clues to locate these weapons. Classifying things according to their MM2 value or relative value is possible.

Let’s go deeper into the meaning of MM2 values and how they might guide us towards a solution. Objects with more significance or weight (i.e. importance) have Supreme values that are lower than their MM2 counterparts.

Due to the “Mostly Merely Middling” nature of the term, items having a low “Supreme Value” will also have a low “MM2 Value.” If an item has a high Supreme Value, then its MM2 value will also be high, and vice versa. Therefore, we need to search for things with high monetary worth in Murder Mystery to locate the weapons.

Should you rely on MM2 Supreme Values?

If you struggle to score, using the Supreme value in your deck might help you do it quickly and easily. You’re more of an offensive wizard, though, you could find that including Supreme Value helps you zero down on what matters most. If you’re an experienced player, though, Supreme Value might not be the best option because it makes you play more passively.

The Supreme Values Guide.

For example, SR or SSR represents the pinnacle of competition. Each layer is valuable in its own right. In Z-HARD, for instance, All Stars SSR or All Stars UR are practically invincible, hence their worth is lower than that of weapons with fewer stats and rarity.

The stronger your hand of cards, the more destruction you can inflict on your opponents. Simply adopt a strategy that involves selecting cards with Supreme Value. If you like offense, go for those who place a premium on offensive statistics, and vice versa if you prefer defense.

Where do Murder Mystery Values differ from Supreme Values?

It’s a measurement of your weapon’s efficacy. To add insult to injury, each of the nine classes of weaponry has its own unique Supreme Value. Keep in mind that the price has nothing to do with the cards’ actual abilities or statistics, but rather with the rarity of the weapons in 9 different categories. Furthermore, the values of the ultimate are always less than the values of a murder mystery. In a nutshell, superb values depreciate with use, whereas the MM2 value remains abnormally high over a longer length of time.

Take, as an example, the nearly unbeatable All-Stars SSR all-stars UR. Supreme Value is made by a collective of card enthusiasts rather than a single individual. This is why MM2 is always greater than the Supreme Value.

MM2 Supreme Value Tier:

There are 9, as was just indicated. UR, SR, SSR, R, SR+, SSR+, R+, and N are the others. Rarer things tend to have larger numbers within a given category. This is evident, as you can see:

The highest tier in Supreme Value is N

You can find a wide variety of weapons whose absolute value is less than N. So, pick the SR or SSR subcategory if you want to quickly raise your statistics and score.

R is next

This is a subset of SR, so to speak. The gap is still rather small, though. In terms of market value, SR and Rare are equivalent. To sum up, both types are appropriate for first-timers. Choose the SR or R category if you want to quickly raise your statistics and score.


Only SSRs belong in this group! This item is extremely rare. Therefore, it is recommended to acquire at least one SSR. However, the SR tier will suffice if you have all SSRs.


Rarity level of “Ultimate” Once you have even a couple of UR, you won’t want to sell them.


It’s time to update your weapons if you just have one or two SRs, as their worth is similar to that of an SSR. In brief, it is highly recommended that you upgrade any card that fits this description as soon as possible.


If you just have one or two SRs, you should upgrade your weapons to SSR models because of how comparable their values are. Simply said, you should update any card that meets this profile as quickly as feasible.


The lowest possible rating for something of Supreme Value. You can see that several cards have absolute values that are greater than R+. If you don’t have any cards that qualify for this grade, you won’t get very high marks. Just disregard it!


This category’s lowest grade indicates that many powerful weapons have ratings lower than SR. There are just seven cards available in this category, so if you’re looking to quickly boost your stats and get more points, go elsewhere.

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