Orlando Brown Net Worth: Everything You Need to Know

Orlando Brown Net Worth
Orlando Brown Net Worth

Actor and musician Orlando Brown was born in Los Angeles, California. His breakout role was as Eddie Thomas in the successful Disney comedy “That’s So Raven.”The individual has seen both highs and lows in his professional life. Even though he has worked on several successful films, including Perfect Game and Fillmore. But the man hasn’t exactly steered clear of debate either. Discover Orlando Brown Net Worth right now.

Who is Orlando Brown?

Orlando Brown Net Worth
Orlando Brown

American actor, rapper, and voice actor Orlando Brown. The man shot to fame after starring in the groundbreaking That’s Very Raven on the Disney Channel. In 1995, the actor had his first appearance on television as a professional.

This happened on the show Coach. The main character, Hayden Fox, and his life as a football player were the sole subjects of the comic program. It debuted in 1989 and ended its run in 1997.

Orlando Brown went on to star in more than a few movies and TV series. Alongside Damon Wayans, he has been in several films and television shows, such as Major Payne, In the House, Family Values, Sister Sister, Family Matters, The Jamie Foxx Show, and Safe Harbor. Orlando Brown relies on his acting job for financial support.

He would be nominated for Best Actor in a Television Show Emmy for his performance in the latter. He became well-known and respected because of all the roles he played.

Disney Stardom: Orlando Brown’s Rise to Fame

The part of That So Raven in the Disney film ensured the actor’s immortality. In time, he would be recognized as one of television’s most promising young actors.

His participation in the show marked the beginning of a famous career on the Disney Channel. She was in both the first and second Lizzie Maguire films.

He would use the network as a springboard for his music career, creating hits like “Circle of Life” and “Little by Little” with its assistance. Orlando Brown’s career, however, has taken a fall due to his repeated brushes with the police.

In 2018, he was detained after he and his then-wife Omenia Alexandria got into a physical fight. He was arrested for violence once more two years later.

Orlando Brown Net Worth: $2,000.

Orlando Brown’s career found great success after the child star matured, even though many had projected he would have a good future owing to his earlier achievements. Now, Orlando Brown Net Worth is $2,000 fortune. We came up empty-handed in our search for details regarding his money and property.

Orlando Brown Age and Wiki-bio.

Full name

Orlando Brown


31 years.


December 4, 1987

place of birth

Los Angeles, California, United States.


Actor, Hip Hop Artist, Voice Actor

Net worth



Omenia Alexandria (former)







Zodiac sign



A stranger.


Born on December 4, 1987, Orlando Brown grew up in Los Angeles. At this point, the man would be 31 years old. About his youth, we know very little. That’s why they’re still looking for his parents’ names.

But Orlando Brown’s career has been in the limelight ever since he first appeared in the mid-1990s. Orlando was hailed as a man destined for great success, and his guest appearances on hit series only appeared to reinforce that impression.

As he was cast in more and more film and TV productions, his career was clearly on the rise. Like many other child stars, she felt the negative effects of fame.

The rapper was frequently arrested and charged with violence, putting him in conflict with the authorities. He would also have to cope with issues stemming from his drug use. As a result, a once-promising career plummeted to an irretrievable low point.

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