Lake Elsinore Zip Code: Riverside County, California

Lake Elsinore Zip Code
Lake Elsinore Zip Code

Lake Elsinore, California is a lovely city for many reasons, not the least of which is its distinct charm and natural beauty. This beautiful city is only accessible if you master its complex network of postal codes. In this all-inclusive guide, we’ll explore the fascinating world of Lake Elsinore Zip Code to help you find your way around this alluring corner of Riverside County.

The Essence of Lake Elsinore

Lake Elsinore, or just “Elsinore,” is a city in California’s Riverside County. Beautiful scenery abounds in this area, most notably at Lake Elsinore, Southern California’s biggest natural freshwater lake.

The Zip Code Mosaic

Knowing Lake Elsinore’s zip codes is crucial, since they may be used to quickly and easily locate individual addresses, communities, and even post offices. There are a variety of neighborhoods in Lake Elsinore, all served by their own distinct set of zip codes.

Let’s take a closer look at these zip codes:

Lake Elsinore Zip Codes

  1. 92530: This postal zone includes both the city center and the waterfront of Lake Elsinore. There is a wide variety of dining, retail, and entertainment venues in the city’s core business center.
  2. 92532: This zip code includes the neighborhoods of Canyon Hills and Tuscany Hills, both of which are situated in the southeast corner of Lake Elsinore. It’s a great place to raise a family because of the welcoming community, high-quality schools, and abundance of fun things to do.
  3. 92587: This zip code encompasses the western part of Lake Elsinore, including the communities of Canyon Lake and Quail Valley. The area’s blend of residential and rural surroundings makes it ideal for anyone looking to slow down and unwind.
  4. 92595: The northeastern part of Lake Elsinore, encompassed by this zip code, is home to a variety of residential communities and the stunning Ortega Mountains.
  5. 92584: This code encompasses the southern section of the city, including neighborhoods such as Rosetta Canyon and Summerly. As a result of rapid development in recent decades, the region is now a fascinating location to call home.

Now that we’ve pointed out Lake Elsinore’s most important zip codes, let’s see how they can improve your ability to get about the city.

Locating Post Offices

Since Lake Elsinore is such a thriving metropolis, it naturally features several post offices. Locating the closest post office for your mailing needs is dependent on your zip code. Take a look at this handy map showing Lake Elsinore’s post offices!

  • Lake Elsinore Main Post Office (92530): If you live in the center of Lake Elsinore, you can’t do without this post office’s convenient location in the city’s commercial district. Location-wise, it’s ideal for both consumers and companies.
  • Canyon Hills Post Office (92532): The Canyon Hills Post Office is the most convenient for those living in southeast Lake Elsinore. It serves the people of Canyon Hills and the surrounding region.
  • Canyon Lake Post Office (92587): This post office serves the western section of Lake Elsinore, including the communities of Canyon Lake and Quail Valley.
  • Lakeland Village Post Office (92530): The Lakeland Village Post Office is a crucial service for the people living in the city’s northeastern section.
  • Rosetta Canyon Post Office (92584): The Rosetta Canyon Post Office serves the residents of Rosetta Canyon and Summerly, as well as the rest of the southern half of Lake Elsinore.


Lake Elsinore, Riverside County, California, has several different zip codes that are important for both locals and visitors to know. Zip codes play an important part in everyday life, from easing the delivery of mail to distinguishing across communities.

Whether you are a lifelong local or a first-time visitor, this guide will assist you in navigating Lake Elsinore with confidence. Firstly, Lake Elsinore, California is a unique destination. Additionally, it offers a wide range of communities. Moreover, it boasts stunning natural features. Lastly, it has a thriving cultural scene.

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